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Outsourcing to inexpensive countries (low wage countries) is one of the options to reduce costs and stay ahead of competitors. Places one almost automatically thinks of are China and other countries in the Far East. But long delivery times, serious problems in getting redress in case of unsatisfactory quality, unclear laws and regulations, exchange rate risks and barriers in communication can easily cause unpleasant surprises.

A better option can be: a country closer to home. Such as Bulgaria. Strong points: low wages, the lowest taxes in Europe, availability of skilled workers, within easy reach of Western European countries, no exchange rate risks, financial and economic stability, membership of the European Union since 2007. For more details see elsewhere on this website.

So: many pluses, but also - still – potential stumbling blocks. But those can be avoided with good advice and guidance by local experts, who thoroughly know the Bulgarian market, the Bulgarian business world and the Bulgarian institutions. Consultancy firm PNB Ltd are such experts. Their staff (they themselves or using the many other Bulgarian specialists from their network) can guide and support foreign companies in finding Bulgarian suppliers, qualified staff, partner companies for outsourcing of production or for setting up a joint venture, premises for new facilities, existing production facilities to take over, etc, etc. They can also advise companies wanting to sell their products on the Bulgarian market. 

NLBG Int., the consultancy firm of former Dutch ambassador to Bulgaria (2009 – 2013) Karel van Kesteren, will be happy to be of help to you if you think that Bulgaria may offer you and your company new opportunities. Please fill in the contact form on this website and we will mail or phone you as soon as possible. We provide our information without any obligation for you.

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